11 A Side KIX

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KIX 11 A Side Set

KIX is Simple to learn, Quick to play and as tactical as you can out-think your opponent... Two players, one beautiful game

It is an end-to-end action football(soccer) game that creates all the drama and tension of a real match in either a quick 5-a-side, or more tactical 11-a-side match. Choose players from your hand and try to outwit your opponent in key areas of the pitch to get those elusive chances on goal. Substitutions could prove vital and a late corner kick could win it for you or are you destined for extra time and a penalty shoot out. 


Gameplay Responses


“it’s not a game, it’s sport” - Rob C (28).

”It's really good as it's like top trumps but more tactical.” - Amy J (11).

For anyone aged 8 years and up. 



2 x 60 card KIX teams
2 x Playing box
1 x Pitch and score board and counter
2 x Sets of rule reminder cards
1 x Half-time card
1 x Rules wrapper to help you get stuck right in and play KIX