About Us

KIX is the first game of a few to be launched by IT games. We want to be the worlds best sporting card game producers.  

About me

I'm happiest solving problems and inventing ways to make things better. I have always loved sport but I was in a family where it was never really watched it but games were played a lot. I am the youngest of 6 and could never beat my brothers physically but in gaming i could compete with them... I love winning so being a student of games helped me in this regard. I'm also a vicar, a very keen cyclist.

The history of KIX

When the fledgling idea emerged, in a friends halls of residence in sheffield, over 15 years ago now i recognised that there was a really nice little game somewhere in there. Fast forward 10 years and i decided to turn it from a flawed but fun playing card game to a fully functional stand alone card game. I wanted to create a game that replicates the feel of a game of football as much as it could. I love games where you can actually compete and aren't dependent on luck that can be so frustrating. I wanted all the numbers to feel like football and to bring all the elements in that i could. It has taken Over 8 different versions of KIX to get it to this point and i'm not stopping here... 

What next

I'm hoping soon to release a mini expansion to add referee interventions to the game. This will bring in penalties in game, free kicks and sending offs that will bring the random element to a match that referees do bring. Something for you to complain about in the post match interview!!! 

I have a couple of other titles waiting to be developed that will bring other sports into nice simple card gaming form. So watch this space. 


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About  IT Games

This is the company i set up to launch and promote my games. I'm totally hopeful of releasing more titles and am wanting to support my friends at Borges & Scott (who are kindly storing and sending out the games from their warehouse) in supporting and employing people who find it hard due to their past to get work. 

Get in touch

I'd love more than anything to hear feedback on the game. New ideas for rules, design or gameplay thoughts. Or even whole new ideas for games. 

Email me at: