How to play

The aim of the game is to score more goals than your opponent

To score a goal you simply have to win a Midfield play, then successfully Attack their Defence and finally get a Strike past their Goalkeeper


1. Shuffle 

1a. Find someone fun to play with. 
1b. Remove all Rules and Half-Time cards and Shuffle both packs well 

2. Split

Split the pack into two equal piles of 30 cards and put one of the piles to one side*

3. Deal 5

Both players draw 5 cards from the top of your pile as your starting hand.
You are now ready to play... 


Order of a 'play'

Play always (Re)Starts in Midfield


Both players choose a card from their hand to play in Midfield. You can play any card from your hand by using their M ability in that position shown by the M on the card even if they are not a specialist Midfielder.  

Compare the Midfield ability, found by the the letter M in the corners of the card selected. Highest M ability wins this play. Discard these cards and both pick up a new one from your pile to keep 5 cards in your hand.



The winner In Midfield chooses a card to play in Attack verses the others Defence card, compare A vs. D ability. If the attacker wins they will get to Strike in the next play. If the Defence wins play returns to Midfield.

Discard these cards and pick up a new one to keep 5 cards in your hand. 




If the previous attack succeeded then a shot on goal occurs. Striker ability S verses Goalie ability G.  If the striker wins a goal is scored! Play returns to Midfield. If the shot is saved play also returns to Midfield. 

Discard these cards and pick up a new one. 





What if you both have exactly the same ability during a play?

If a play is tied then you simply discard those cards, pick up and replay the same position. 

e.g. Player 1 has 79 in attack vs. Player 2 who also has 79 in defence. Discard those cards pick up and play the position again.



The game is now in full flow... whether a goal is scored or not you will be returning to midfield and trying to mount attacks to score goals. 

The match ends when all your pick up pile is gone and you’ve played out your remaining hand too. 

Whoever has more goals at the end wins. 

PS Video of 5-a-side play on it's way




1. Shuffle the packs

Use 1 KIX pack each. Remove Rule/Half-Time cards and shuffle well

2. Remove the Bench

Deal the top 15 cards of the pack as your Bench and Look through them selecting the cards you may want to bring back on during the game then put them to one side. 

3. Add the Half-time card

Take the other pile of 45 cards and add the Half-time card 22 cards in from the top. This is your Match Deck

4. Play Setup

Put the 15 Bench cards to one side, place the Match Deck in front of you and leave a space for a discard pile

5. Draw your starting hand

Draw a hand of 11 cards from the Match Deck and you’re ready to start


This is the same as 5 A Side rules but you have 11 cards in your hand and the following extra rules apply:

Corner Kicks

These occur when a shot on goal is tied. Instead of replaying the position, a corner is taken. The attacking player selects 2 cards and adds the Midfield ability of one and the Striker ability of the other. The defending player does the same but with their Goalie and Defence ability. The player with the highest total either scores a goal or saves it

Making Substitutions

You can make 3 Subs per game. Substitutions happen before a midfield play (i.e. before an attack is started). Remove the card you want to Sub from your hand and put it under the Bench cards. Replace it with the top card from your Bench


Once you get to the Half-time card, stop picking up cards and finish playing the cards in your hand. Discard the Half-time card and pick up a new hand to start the second half 


The match ends when all the cards in the Match Deck are played and the cards in your hand run out


To play extra-time you simply use the Bench as the pack you draw from. Shuffle it, take 11 cards as your Hand and play through all the Bench cards to try and score the winning goal 


If the scores are level after extra-time penalties occur. Shuffle all the cards in your pack and deal 10 of your cards to your opponent. They do the same. Then, take it in turns to shoot by selecting one of your cards at random from your opponent’s hand. They do the same with a card from your hand. Compare Striker ability with Goalie ability to see if the penalty is scored. Take it in turns to shoot until your hand is gone. If the game is still tied, continue taking penalties using the top card from your pack until there is a winner

Video for the 11-a-side gameplay also on it's way soon. 


Using the Box to play on the go